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There are hundreds of thousands of unprotected lands here and around the world. The more we can preserve, the more we can help not just the bees, but other pollinators and animals as well.   

If you're a primitive skills, earth skills, yogi, healer, plant medicine, outdoorsy, tree huggin, lake swimmin, river fishin, animal skinnin, knowledge & wisdom seeking type of person, we've been looking for you.


Our Mission

To make connections across cultures, generations, class, and knowledge basis.

We are a multigenerational coalition of forest lovers working together to provide space and organization for the sharing of skills, knowledge, wisdom, and the stories of the area and the folks who live here.

Our Values

We recognize that the site where we will organize is on sacred Native Anishinaabeg land, as well as many of the traditions and knowledge coming together is likely from the Natives in the area. Therefore, as a foundation for the event we embrace the wisdom of the Anishinaabeg Seven Grandmother/Grandfather teachings:

Love - Zaagidiwin

Honesty - Gwekwaadiziwin

Respect - Mnaadendimowin

Humility - Dbaadendiziwin

Bravery-Courage - Aakide'ehewin

Truth - Debwewin

Wisdom - Nbwaakaawin

Know the ways of the ones who take care of you, so that you may take care of them.”
— Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

What We Plan TO Achieve

  • Educate each other on best practices when it comes to managing wild lands
  • Learn about the people who have come before us on this land
  • Inspire youth & engage with them in unique ways 
  • Increase the skill levels of all participants 
  • Celebrate the coming together of many organizations
  • DANCE!
  • Keep connections strong & cross pollinate when it comes to funds & events 
  • Have fun and do it again next year!