Final Schedule Released Mid July  

Knowledge - Wisdom - Reciprocity

Education rooted by inspiration, motivated by love




Morning Yoga

Start the day off with an hour and a half yoga flow led by registered Yoga instructor, Alexandra Maxwell. Bring your mat, some water, maybe even some socks and don't forget to keep breathing. Alexandra is also a licensed massage therapist and can be found at Rohana Yoga & Wellness, as well as different conservation efforts around the U.P.  
Class starts at 11:30am, location TBD.


Thai Yoga Massage

Christopher Ray has been persistently exploring massage & bodywork for the past 25 years, focusing on Traditional Therapeutic Thai Massage for the past 18. He has developed a unique, masterful style of bodywork which is deeply transformative. Christopher's comprehension of body mechanics and congestion in the body is unparalleled, which allows him to assist people to release chronic issues.  Chris travels the world teaching massage and sharing his work. Don't miss this opportunity to receive the touch of a master bodyworker. 



Jane Hendrick is a backwoods healer and certified massage therapist with many talents. Throughout the event Jane will be offering massage for folks starting in the am and throughout the day as per her schedule. You can ask her about her other hobbies and yes, especially her draft horse experience! You can find Jane in downtown Marquette at Integrative Massage.



Photography with the Sun

Maddie will be conducting a Sun Print Camera-less Photography Workshop. Treated paper will be supplied and participants will be asked to gather various objects from the surrounding forest area that they will then place on top of the paper and expose in the sun for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how exposed you would like your image to be. Another unique thing about this camera-less process is that the images come out a vibrant shade of blue.

Maddie is a student at Northern Michigan University, working to achieve a Bachelors in Fine Art with a focus in Photography. Maddie has been working with sun prints for years and loves the beautiful images that are created in the process. All ages are welcome to join!


Horticulture Therapy

Plants can heal not just our bodies, but also our minds and spirits. This workshop will be an introduction to what it is, what is a therapeutic garden, where they can be found, how they are used, who benefits, how does it help, and what are the advantages of plant therapy! There will be no requirements of the attendees, just to bring an open mind and questions. 

Alice has Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Plant and Soil Sciences and a minor in sustainable agriculture. She has worked on a handful of farms and for a handful of greenhouse industries. Currently, she works on a rehabilitative farm with traumatic brain injury clients, it has changed her life forever in so many positive ways! Alice says, "I want to do that for others, teach my passion, my experiences through my own plant therapy program. I have learned so much from the flowers, the birds, the trees, and the bees and I want to share that with others." 


Up Beekeeping & Beeswax Candle Making

Joel Lantz has a long history in education and raising bees in Michigan. He currently is the President of the UP Beekeepers club. Joel and his wife, Michelle Landis, have been homesteading in Skandia for a decade all along the way, tracking the daily weather all the while. Joel will have a unique homemade observation hive for viewing and will discuss bee behavior and the issues they face, such as Collany Collapse Disorder or virula mites.  While we talk about all the intricacies of raising bee's in the UP, this workshop will also include a demonstrate of how to make beeswax candles and a discussion of other beeswax products. Bring all of your bee questions! Joel Lantz has been raising bees for more than 30 years. 


Shiras Pool & Presque Isle History Tour

Once upon a time Jon Anderton did historical walks on Presque Isle answering questions like, how the Presque Isle got its name? Or how the Shiras pool got turned into a pond? Join a long time Marquette local Adam Berger and walk in the foot steps of Jon Anderton on Presque Isle while sharing the stories that revolve around the island and its black rocks. If you have a yooper story to share or have ever wanted to know more about the wonders of this little isle, this is the walking tour for you. Adam is currently the Fundraising chair for the Marquette Regional History Center located just outside the heart of downtown. 


Spirit Food

A Multi-Dimensional Overview of the Decolonizing Diet Project. On March 25, 2012, twenty-five people began a year-long adventure into the world of Indigenous eating. These individuals were selected by the Northern Michigan University Center for Native American Studies as research subjects for the Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP), an exploratory study of the relationships between humans and Indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region. Data from this study provides insight into biological, cultural, and legal/political dimensions of these complex relationships. Regularly scheduled health checks, online journaling, video interviews, and photos were drawn on to paint a picture of this collective experience. Join us as principal investigator and research subject, Dr. Martin Reinhardt, shares background information and outcomes of this fascinating study.


Taste of the seasons

Deepen your connection to the North thru the eroticism of cold climate flavors and ingredients.  Join the circle, as we pass local and wild food & drinks around a culinary conversation.    Amber Joy, local forager and co-owner of Moon Mtn Food Forest, will be hosting the pleasures of food by sharing Northern fare.  Taste and learn how to make kombucha, herbal & mushroom teas, floral elixirs, and wild sodas.  We will indulge in easy to find wild edibles like fiddlehead ferns, ramps, blueberries, seasonal culinary mushrooms & more. Enrich your microbiome with delicious ferments and farm preserves.  Come thirsty as we will be sipping a variety of wild waters!  Taste the gifts of this land and leave inspired about our abundance of wild and local mushrooms, plants, fruits, seeds, and weeds. Bring a bowl, utensil, and cup for tastings. 


Bladesmithing 101

Master bladesmith, Dan Choszczyk, of Black River Blades will lead a demonstration and discussion on knife sharpening by hand as well as flint and steel fire making techniques, as well as the basics of forging from tools to temperatures.  Prepare to hone in on your skills! Dan has been a master blade smith with more than 20 years of experience. He uses re-claimed materials to create new and usable blades of all designs and styles. Dan is passionate about sharing this rare and ancient skill with all folks from all walks of life and ages. You can find Dan at the Marquette Farmers Market every Saturday! Guests will not need to provide materials. Examples will be made available.

Rich +Joan.jpg

Medicinal bee Propolis and PolLen 

In this workshop you'll learn about the human benefits of raw honey, the propolis, and pollen that bees collect and produce. Rich Wieske and his wife Joan Mandell started Green Toe Gardens in their backyard with their fertile imagination and hard work. When Rich started keeping bees about 15 years ago, the duo added honey and mead to their gifts of garden goodies for friends and family. What began as Joan’s handmade label for a homemade gift became publicly known as “Wild Detroit Honey”.Today Green Toe Gardens has 100 bee hives dotting Detroit and inner ring suburbs to connect city and suburban folk to nature.  We place the hives in our neighbor’s yards, at schools, in community gardens and urban farms. Come learn about the good work they've been doing downstate to help bees!



This fun, useful class is designed to show you how to easily release tension, aches, and restrictions from your body using balls, sticks, rocks and other tools. You'll learn techniques for the whole body; from your toes to your nose. The techniques are designed to go beyond just a "feel good" experience; this is deep bodywork intended to release congestion and pain, and provide you with more energy, flexibility, and range of motion.  Christopher Ray and Kate Lewandowski have shared this class with thousands of people around the country with extraordinary feedback. People walk out of the workshop feeling amazed at how much better they feel and how easy it was to do. (Bring a mat or blanket to lay on the ground)


GRow Mushrooms on the Cheap

Certified Michigan Mushroom Forager & BioPhilio, Joe Lane, will show how to use common household items like bags, rubber bands, and stuffed animal filling, to grow mushrooms.  Walk away knowing how to inoculate your own mushrooms and how to apply this to your home! Great for all ages. Mushroom spawn and substrate will be brought for attendees to see.  Joe has been passionate about all things great and small in Nature for most of his life and is currently starting an indoor mushroom cultivation business and pursuing a degree in Biology at NMU.


Bowdrill Fire Making  

Backwoods homesteader and craftsman Adam Jone will lead a primitive skill workshop focusing on how to start a fire using the classic bowdrill technique. Adam will lead us through the construction of each of these tools and how to properly create heat to start a fire without modern technology. Adam has been homesteading for more than a decade here in the U.P and raises chicken, pigs, and goats, as well as veggies and medicinal plants. You can find Adam building timber frame homes and repairing century old log cabins throughout the U.P. including the infamous Huron Mountain Club in Big Bay.

IMG_20180619_165314 (2).jpg


With the help of healer and permiculture homesteader, Karen Gauthier, participants will help build a section of wattle fence using saplings from pasture edges.  Karen will teach us the basic knowledge of how to build attractive W&W structures at low cost without treated lumber, nails & fasteners, wire, etc.  Wattle & Wicket is the perfect blend of art, frugality, and function--it's pretty, it's free, and it works. Karen has been homesteading for over a decade. Her artistic side demands that the homestead be built aesthetically.  With a passion for sustainability and simple living, she often finds low-cost solutions to high-dollar problems.



Tarot Cards

Meteorologist & Tarot Reader Norma Hall/Zelenko has a long and colorful history of providing insight into a peoples lives. All are welcome to Listen to Norma explain mysteries of the ancient reading of cards.  She picked up her first deck of Tarot cards in 1983 and studied with her mentor for several years, while also giving readings to co-workers at an ABC affiliate TV station in Flint, MI. Norma currently works with Higher Self Bookstore in Traverse City, MI and has been providing readings at that location and at private homes ever since. As Norma claims, she has had the privilege and joy to connect the stars, nature, and wonderful people for nearly 35 years.


Urban Gorilla HOmesteading

Kyra & Robbie Goodrich will lead a discussion on topics such as raising, rabbits, chickens, dogs, bees, herbs, vegetables, children and all the challenges in between.  The Goodrich's homestead is on a 1/4 acre in the heart of Marquette and their experience is wide ranging, especially dealing with disgruntled neighbors, regulation in the city limits, and limited space. If you stay to the end, enjoy a tasting of home raised cooked rabbit and walk home with a recipe! 



Participants in this 2-hour workshop will learn the basic concepts of Rocket Mass Heaters, discuss the variations, and will gain hands-on experience building a rocket stove with Tom Gauthier. Tom has built and studied RMH construction and has studied the heating technology for many moons. Rocket Mass Heaters are built on site and use a mere tenth the firewood of a traditional wood stove.  They can also operate using only small sticks & limbs that naturally fall from trees in the forest.  No more splitting logs and cutting trees! Tom has two engineering degrees and a science degree from Lake Superior State University and over 15 years of homesteading experience. 


Twinning Cord from Plants

Join long time Ishpeming local, botanist and wild crafter Ray Bush and learn the basics of using plants for fiber. After going over the basics of obtaining the fibers from dried plant matter of nettle or milkweed stems, Ray will show and explain the method to take the stems and transform them into rough cord. The process is similar for many other species of plants as well and can be helpful in a pinch or simply great for making natural materials for tons of projects. 


Speaking The Stories of Nature, Imagination, and Art

Local craftsman, artist, seasoned captain, and lover of the natural world, Niko (Nick) Economedies will be leading a discussion and hands on experience discussing the more mystical connections to creativity through understanding Nature and her sources of inspiration. When we harmonize with the mineral, plant, animal, and star nations we join the imagination. Using the archetypes of the four trees; sugar maple, white pine, red oak, and the birch, Niko brings to life the stories ancestors once told. Niko has been working with wood, stone, and spirit for more than 30 years and resides on his 50 acre permaculture homestead with his family, including their chickens, goats, and horses. You can find his work all throughout Michigan, as of late you can find his work at the Veteranary Clinic off of Wright Street in Marquette.